A community repair service shop has opened in Abbeyfield Park House, Burngreave, to offer low cost repairs of all sorts of broken items that might otherwise go to waste.

Reyt Repair is a social enterprise set up to support repair and re-use of broken items for just a small repair charge. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Gareth Coleman, director of Reyt Repair.

Gareth said: “We offer three things really. We are helping to save the planet by reducing waste – you don’t have to have something made and shipped across if you have something repaired. We are also helping your pocket because of course, it’s a lot cheaper to repair than buy new. We are also helping the community because you are not just clicking on a shopping cart and waiting for it to be delivered, you are coming to a community where there are groups of volunteers who are friendly people and who will show you what they are doing and you can do the repair next time. We are quite different to a regular shop.”