About Social Enterprise Exchange

Social Enterprise Exchange supports social enterprise development in South Yorkshire and beyond. Our goal is to contribute to broad social and environmental impact through social enterprise start-up and development.

Social Enterprise Exchange promotes social entrepreneurship, through knowledge exchange and peer networking; it provides step-up support for start-ups, including access to facilities; and it offers specialist enterprise advice and support for existing social enterprises to grow and to develop.

Over the course of seven years of delivery we have engaged with over 2000 social entrepreneurs and social enterprises, supported over 100 social enterprise start-ups and contributed to the development of over 300 existing social enterprises.

Social Enterprise Exchange is managed by a consortium of community-based partners who have come together to offer a broad range of support and to assure coverage throughout South Yorkshire and beyond. The core delivery partners are Community Made Solutions, South Yorkshire Community Foundation, Sheffield Live! and Barnsley Community and Voluntary Services. The Social Enterprise Exchange partnership is supported by a network of advisors and associates.

Social Enterprise Exchange Partners

Community Made Solutions (CMS) is a social enterprise and provides specialist support for new social entrepreneurs, established social enterprises and wider community partnerships. CMS brings extensive experience of business modelling, strategic planning, legal structures and governance, finance and fundraising, marketing and communications, and community uses of digital technology.

Sheffield Live (SLTV) is a community media organisation providing a regional platform for community information and creative talent and provides start-up and ongoing support for social enterprises and community projects. SLTV manages our start-up support and leads on delivery of marketing and digital support including multi-media tools, web-site design and social media strategy.

South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF) manages charitable funds for grant-making on behalf of philanthropists, business and trusts. SYCF has awarded more than £25 million in community grants in the last 30 years and has extensive experience of grant-making and grant management. SYCF has led on the management of our small grants scheme to support social enterprise start-up and growth.

Barnsley Community and Voluntary Services (BCVS) is at the forefront of community development in Barnsley supporting new start and existing organisations, with access to facilities and services such as legal registration, financial planning, HR, business and strategic development, funding and investment advice. BCVS provides local support and incubation for social enterprise start-up and growth.