Our Lunch With… events are part of our 2021 series to help you learn from others in and out of the social enterprise sector.

We believe that being inspired by others is one of the best ways to stay passionate and motivated to continue doing what is important to you…And who doesn’t need a bit of motivation after 2020!

Delve into the creative world of Dale Le Fevre and learn about his New Games sessions and how he converted a practical workshop to work in an online space.

Dale Le Fevre has been presenting New Games around the world in 35 countries (so far) for over 45 years. He has written 3 books and produced 6 download videos/DVDs. He is open to learning new things.

Dale will take us through some practical games from his New Games workshops, that you can try out yourself with family and friends (whether that be together or over the internet). He will share how he moved his workshop online followed by an opportunity for discussion and questions.

This session will be ideal to help you take a break from your working schedule, bringing some fun into your working day giving you a chance to let all those worries go, to relax and get recharged. Play is needed now more than ever!

Delivered by Sheffield Social Enterprise Network in partnership with Social Enterprise Exchange.