Friday, 31 March 2017, 12.30pm at Showroom Cinema.

With presentations by:-

Roz Davies, Managing Director, Recovery Enterprises
Founded in 2012, Recovery Enterprises is a social enterprises based in Sheffield. Its vision is for a city and region in which the identities, expertise, insights, aspirations, and abilities of people living with mental health conditions are valued and supported and where communities and organisations are mental health friendly. Recovery Enterprise seeks to support people living with mental health difficulties to build new connections and relationships defined by solidarity, friendship, and hope; to realise their ideas, skills and talents.

Neil Chandler, Director of Cathartic is a social enterprise that uses anonymous communication to help people talk about their issues, before their burdens consume them. Subjects covered typically include mental health, addiction, abuse, etc. that range from deep set anxiety that happened decades ago, to very real events happening in the present.

Lunch Plus is a new business networking programme designed for Social Enterprises. The intention behind these is to provide a broad, diverse and inclusive platform profiling key networks, sectors, innovation, new business opportunities, expertise, case studies, helpful business and financial services and products designed to support emerging and existing social enterprises based across the Sheffield City Region. The format for Lunch Plus is a 20min presentation and a chaired Q+A session followed by a light lunch networking opportunity. Time 12.30-13.30.